Weekly Wrap-Up #25-28

Weekly Wrap-Up #25-28

Well I’m still around! I just moved 1,000 miles away this past week and haven’t had the time to update y’all on all the books I’ve read and am currently reading. Instead I’ve spent time being back with my boys. And finding out we are having another boy in November whose name will be Vincent. And growing a big belly to accommodate that boy.

So here is what I’ve been reading these past few weeks.

Because June 30th was my last day at my Texas library, I had to return all my items on that day. That meant I had to finish my Adult, Juvenile, and Young Adult Fiction books and my one Audio before or on that day.

I probably could have read more but that last week I got suckered into watching the Hulu Original Series The Handmaid’s Tale which is based on the book by Margaret Atwood. I have only watched the first 6 episodes and it’s really graphic. Like, I highly doubt Atwood wrote the explicit scenes to the degree the show portrays them. I could be wrong, but I’m not finishing the rest of the episodes, even though I’m equally disturbed and intrigued by the story. This dystopian tale, published way back in 1986, will be on my to-be-read list, however.

But more on what I actually finished reading by June 30th and what I’ve been reading in during my stolen minutes in July.