2017 Reading Resolution

Welcome 2017!

I always love a new year. I also love making goals and at the start of last year I made my first ever Reading Resolution (thanks to Abby the Librarian for the idea!). My 2016 Reading Resolution was to read 2 books and listen to 3 audios per month for a grand total of 60 books. At the end of 2016, I had read 76 books and listened to 54 for a total of 130 (make sure to check out my Best Reads in 2016).

By slightly doubling my original goal last year, I have decided that my 2017 Reading Resolution will be more realistic. I will aim to read 120 books. Yes, it is less than what I read last year, but I am hoping to read more adult books which take more time to read.

My 2017 Reading Resolution

I will read 10 books per month. Thus, my 2017 goal is 120 books. My hope is for the 10 books to be divided as such:

1 Adult Fiction

1 YA Fiction

1 Non-Fiction, either Adult or Juvenile

3 Juvenile Fiction

4 Audiobooks, either Adult, Juvenile, or Non-Fiction

Do you have a Reading Resolution? Please share it with me. Also, I discovered an app called Litsy. Download it on your phone or tablet to help you keep track of what you are reading and to share with others (like me!) what you are reading. It’s like Instagram for booklovers! Add me so we can encourage one another.

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