The Past Month

As you probably know, I have been absent from my blog this past month for a number of reasons.

Reason One

Arson. At my library. You can read about it and watch a really boring, but highly interesting surveillance footage from far away here and check out a video done on our temporary location here. The arsonist only set fire to staff areas. It makes you wonder what we did to cause this person to go to this extreme…but then again, maybe it isn’t related. Maybe the person did it on a dare…or it is part of a bigger conspiracy to hurry up the library’s renovations. I don’t know, but I hope whoever did it and whoever worked with said criminal will be caught because it has created a huge issue with us serving our community, especially with summer coming up. Y’all, I’m in such a tiny cramped space and don’t have my easy reader, juvenile fiction and young adult fiction collections! AND SUMMER IS COMING!

For three weeks we have been cleaning, packing, unpacking, sorting, planning, reopening at a temporary location, and more. The only day I was at the library post-fire I looked like this:Thank you Grandma for buying me a fancy mask more than a decade ago. I finally got to use it! It did an excellent job keeping the stench away.


During my packing up I found a “note” on my magnetic white board. Here it is: 

I’m hoping one of the firefighters spelt it out and not the arsonist because I sanitized the board and letters. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but would an arsonist leave this as a message?

My inner mystery lover is coming out, but I am not Aurora Teagarden. Alas.

Reason Two

The other reason for my absence is this:

Yes, we’re pregnant with our second child, due out in the world November 19, 2017.

Reason Three

We are moving to Michigan! So we have been and are packing, getting housing, planning, etc. Ryan and Theo will move to Michigan at the beginning of June. I will stay behind staying with Ryan’s mom until July.

Also of note is the fact I got a job in Michigan doing what I love: being a children’s librarian. I even got it while being in Texas and being pregnant. I’m very grateful. We are looking forward to all the craziness that will ensure this holiday season and the beginning of next year when I will have to tote two kids around in true-blue winter-filled Michigan! This also means we will have one Texan and one Michigander for children.


Um, due to the above three reasons, I have been slowly reading. I failed to reach my April goal and doubt I will meet my May goal, which means I will be farther from meeting my annual goal. Speaking of which, I will probably not meet the goal, what with my commute going to be different, introducing a new baby, etc. So I will have to revisit my goal…or should I keep it and see what I can superhumanly accomplish? What do you think?


  1. 1. I hope they catch the arsonist! Sounds like a great mystery!

    2. Congrats!!!

    3. How exciting!!! Stock up on a lot of winter clothes!

    Reading: Hmmm… any updates on any books read or listened to would be cool! Accomplishing your reading goals sounds crazy right now with all you have on your plate, but who knows?!!!

    1. I’m going to update my book count later this week and see if I am that far behind. With Theo and Ryan not being around me in June, I may get back on track–even ahead–with my reading. It’s so lonely when they aren’t around, though. 🙁

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